Dressed in the obligatory burqa veil, an Afghan woman in her 30s was publicly lashed 100 times Friday in the latest crackdown on crime by Afghanistan's purist Islamic Taliban movement.

Women and children were among several thousand spectators who watched a Taliban official lash a woman with a rubber and leather stick for having unlawful sex with a cousin.The Taliban, which says it is on a mission to create the world's purest Islamic state, also cut off the hand of a thief and announced that two brothers had been executed for murder on Thursday.

Three Taliban doctors in masks cut off the limb after the young offender had been given a general anesthetic.

The lashing and the amputation were Friday, which is the Islamic weekend holiday, and coincided with the arrival in Kabul of a team of European Union diplomats on a mission to discuss aid needs and strained relations with some donor agencies.

Punishments have become a regular weekend spectacle in the Afghan capital and are attended by thousands.

A Taliban official read out the verdict of a military tribunal that sentenced Lina to be lashed and Zabihullah, 24, to lose his right hand for theft.

"Lina escaped from Pakistan with her cousin and committed the unlawful act of adultery several times," the message of the court said.