The moseying folk tunes of John Wesley Harding are always inventive and catchy.

The singer/songwriter's new album, "Awake," combines - in true JWH inspirational fashion - the folk with hip-hop samples but brings everything down to earth with his mellow-toned vocals.The album starts off with a sound many of you hear every Monday at 6 a.m. - an alarm clock. By the time the album hits the last cut, "Goodbye (Late O'Clock)," you realize the whole album actually took place a few seconds after the alarm clock rang. (This is a trippy, but cool, concept).

With that track done, it's easy to conceive this album to be composed of random thoughts in a single JWH, or even your own, day.

Meanders about past relationships ("Your Ghost Don't Scare Me No More"), life ("Window Seat") and death ("Burn") are done in grooving arrangements that yearn for toe tapping.

Other laid-back observations include "It's All My Fault," the Velvet Undergroundish "Miss Fortune" and the Beatlesque "Song I Wrote for Myself in the Future."