With spring coming, it is time to round up the kids for a festive Western party. Kids are eager to experience the outdoor adven-tures. Here is a perfect activity for them to enjoy.

- Cactus decorationFor this attractive stand-up "cactus" complete with spines, you'll need: foam core (poster-board with foam sandwiched in the middle) at least 4" high, green poster paint, pink tissue paper, toothpicks, craft knife and sponge brush.

To assemble, draw a large cactus shape (4 feet or larger on the foam core cardboard). Cut out carefully with a craft knife. Use sponge brush to streak green paint vertically on the cactus. Cut circle, 6" in diameter, out of pink tissue paper. Pinch and gather at the center of circle to form a flower. Attach it at top of cactus. Stick toothpicks into foam core around the edges of your "cactus" and at intervals throughout figure to form spines. (You may need to glue the toothpicks if they do not stick into the foam securely.)

Cut triangle about 11/2 to 2 inches tall from the scraps of foam-core cardboard and attach to cactus back so it will stand alone. You can also brace the figure with large rocks.

- Paper bag cowboy vests

Each young guest can decorate his or her vest with markers. To make each vest, cut the bottom from a large paper bag. Cut bag open vertically at glued seam. (Cut off remaining part of the seam.) Lay bag flat. Fold each side to meet in the center like a vest. Cut out neck, large armholes, and rounded edges at bottom of each side in front. Glue shoulder seams. Cut parallel slits all around bottom and around rounded edges of vest's front-bottom to form fringe. Draw a star-shaped sheriff's badge on one side of the vest.

- Cow-milking game

Children will enjoy milking this cow. You'll need a 2-foot-by-3-foot sheet of foam core or plywood, rubber glove, markers and a picture of a cow (from a coloring book) to serve as a pattern. You can use an opaque projector (libraries or churches have these) to enlarge the cow's picture to poster size. Draw cow to fill foam core. (Do not draw udder.) Use markers to outline, put in details and color cow. Use a craft knife to slit along leg and back abdomen where the udder would be. Slip rubber glove into slit. Attach it on back. To prepare cow for milking, fill the glove with liquid. Close the top of glove. (Tie end opposite fingers in a secure knot, or close it with rubber band or bag tie.) Punch a small hole at end of each finger, then allow children to "milk" the glove-uddered cow.