What am I, when I no longer have the right to defend myself?

What am I, when I no longer have the right to defend my loved ones?Am I to turn my right of self-defense over to the police? What police force in this state is not understaffed and spread too thin? What police force or law enforcement agency in this state assumes full responsibility for my safety and the safety of my family?

According to the laws of this state and nation, who is ultimately responsible for my safety, or the safety of my family? Is there any protective agency in this country that I can sue for failure to meet its responsibility if I am assaulted, or if my daughter or wife is raped or if my home is broken into and robbed?

Which kind of women are rapists mostly prone to attack - those who can defend themselves and may possibly cause bodily harm to the rapist or those women who will not or cannot resist? Why are the elderly and infirm so prone to robbery and assault?

Washington, D.C., has some of the most restrictive gun laws in this nation. Law-abiding citizens are forbidden to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense. So, what is the message that is given to the criminals in Washington, D.C.? Is this city a pillar of light and example for those who would take firearms away from all law-abiding citizens? Why don't the gun control advocates use Washington, D.C., as their shining example on how their restrictive gun controls make life safer for everyone?

I want to know why there are so many powerful elements in my country that want to take my weapons of self-defense away from me. I have never used them to harm or intimidate another. I am responsible enough to legally drive a car. I can vote. I am responsible enough to raise children, to be loved by my family, to hold various positions in my community, church and my profession. Why am I not responsible enough to be able to defend myself?

John Robertson