A movie theater war is continuing unabated with the announcement that Edwards Theatres Circuit Inc., Newport Beach, Calif., will build a 22-screen movie theater at 5300 S. State that is scheduled for completion in the fall of 1999.

A month ago a 14-screen theater opened in the Newgate Mall in Ogden that claimed the title as the state's largest movie theater in a single building. That title will be short-lived however, because construction is expected to begin this summer on a 24-screen theater in West Jordan, so the Edwards projects will have to settle for being the second largest.

The theater project will be part of a mixed-use retail/entertainment/medical center complex, said James Edwards III, circuit president.

Each theater will have 40x80-foot screens and each will feature stadium seating and love seats, which have been popular with couples and parents of small children, said Don Barton, vice president.

Visitors to the 100,000-square-foot theater complex will pass through two 80-foot icon towers supporting an old-fashioned marquee that has more than two miles of neon. The lobby will feature Italian marble, brass and neon, and there will be large murals of images from the golden days of Holly-wood.

A 100-foot main snack bar will be featured along with several additional concession stands.

The sound system in each theater will have high quality digital technology featuring DTS, Dolby Digital and Sony Dynamic Digital systems.

The theater complex is part of Chimney Ridge, owned by the Boyer Co., featuring 250,000 square feet for major furniture, office and home supply retailers. An additional 100,000 square feet of entertainment retail and restaurant tenants will complete the proj-ect.

Edwards operates 660 screens at 99 locations in southern California and by the end of 1998 will have 750 screens in operation.