What is the motive of the harsh and insensitive reviews of the Deseret News' music critic? When directed at amateur musicians, I'm afraid they are much more likely to discourage people from laying their necks on his chopping block than to encourage excellence. Why should any nonprofessional devote time and energy to preparation and performance, only to be singled out by name as "weak," "a mixed lot," "not of soloist quality," "rather iffy," "should have stayed within the anonymous confines of the chorus" or "the weakest voice"?

I find myself much more tolerant of the sincere efforts of amateur musicians than I am of a professional writer who uses the archaic past tense form of the verb "sing" and writes, " . . . who sung the role . . . " rather than the generally accepted "sang."My recommendation to the critic, particularly when dealing with the nonprofessional, is "lighten up and enjoy the music."

C. Duane Kerr