Martin Luther King Jr. and the Kennedy brothers, the twist and Woodstock, the Peace Corps and the Vietnam War are among subjects being proposed for stamps commemorating the 1960s.

The Postal Service is inviting Americans to vote during May on their favorites, with 15 stamps to be issued as a special commemorative set.Similar sets are being issued for each decade in this century. Balloting will be held later for stamps of the '70s, '80s and '90s.

"The '60s was a very pivotal time in our nation's history and played a significant role in shaping the lives of many Americans," Postmaster General Marvin Runyon said Wednesday.

In February, voters selected stamps to commemorate the 1950s, including such topics as drive-in movies, "I Love Lucy" and Dr. Seuss' "The Cat In The Hat."

The Postal Service has selected the stamps representing the decades covering the years 1900-1949 for the Celebrate the Century program.

The official 1960s ballot will be available in May at all post offices and at the Celebrate the Century Web Site: http://stampvote.msn.


Ballots will also be available at other locations, including Ford Motor Co. dealerships to encourage its customers to vote for the "Ford Mustang." Motown Cafe restaurants will be rallying votes for "The Motown Sound" and the New York Yankees will also hold a series of 1960s balloting days at Yankee Stadium to bolster votes for the subject, "Roger Maris Breaks Home Run Record."

The proposed topics are:

- People and events: Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial; the struggle for civil rights; the Peace Corps; the Vietnam War; the political careers of John and Robert Kennedy; Americans take to the streets in demonstrations; the Great Society and Medicare.

- Arts and entertainment: The Motown Sound; pop art; the movie "Easy Rider"; "Star Trek" television series; the Beatles; "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" television series; the novel "Catch 22"; the Woodstock weekend of mud and music.

- Sports: Roger Maris breaks Babe Ruth's home run record; televised golf; Super Bowl kicks off; Green Bay Packers.

- Science and technology: Man walks on moon; environmental awareness; television "live via satellite"; the computer chip; lasers.

- Lifestyle: Everyone twist; Ford Mustang; Barbie Doll; the Peace symbol; shopping malls; the mod look.