Last week our family drove the Hole in the Rock Road outside Escalante. About three miles into our journey both of our back tires suddenly became flat. Friends helped us into the Cottam's 66 in Escalante to purchase new tires. The relatively new ones we had on our Suburban were slashed too badly to be repaired. We were told that we were already the fourth customer that morning having to purchase new tires from driving on the Hole in the Rock Road. In fact, the owner told us he plans his vacation around when this road is graded because he has so much business replacing tires. It was explained to us that the road is graded with scale, which gets flipped up by the front tires and acts like a knife slashing the back tires. Last year, after the road was graded, Cottam's 66 station sold 45 tires in just two days.

Is the road department in your county unaware of this problem? Certainly there is an alternative to scale that could be used.After spending close to $300 for new tires and wasting a half day, we ventured out on the Hole in the Rock Road again, following the advice of the Phillips 66 owner to "go really slow or very fast" so we wouldn't have the same problem again. On our way back from our destination, sure enough, we passed other poor motorists with flat tires on the side of the Hole in the Rock Road.

Elaine Craven

Salt Lake City