Let mouse shop

Connoisseurs of specialty foods that may be hard to find in the neighborhood grocery store can do their gourmet shopping through the Digital Chef Web site at (www.digitalchef.com).Digital Chef allows shoppers to browse and purchase thousands of difficult-to-obtain specialty food items as well as view menus and thousands of recipes. Food items are supplied by culinary retailer Dean & DeLuca's Napa Valley location.

Pioneers on the 'Net

Utah's Days of '47 celebration has joined wagons to the Web this year, posting a calendar of events, royalty competition information and history on the Web at (www.daysof47.com).

This Walkman's a Freq

With the trade-name "Walkman" as synonymous for personal stereos as Band-Aid is for adhesive bandages, sony has announced the latest incarnation of the Walkman will be called the Freq.

Pronounced "freak" the funky-looking AM/FM stereo/cassette features bumper guards, see-through case and belt-loop attaching ring that makes the whole devine look like an overgrown virtual pet. "It's a fashion music and lifestyle statement all rolled into one," said Sony Vice President Bob Nell.

Manufacturers usually protect their trade names viciously, but Sony is actually hoping the name for it's new Walkman will be abosrved by the Generation Y culture of 12-to-17-year-olds it is targeting. "We believe the word Freq could take on a meaning all its own with today's teens," Nell said. Sony's suggested retail price for the Freq is $54.95

2 from U. honored

University of Utah chemist Thomas G. Richmond and his former student, Jaqueline Kiplinger, have won the 1998 Nobel Laurate Signature Award for Graduate Education in Chemistry.

The award, presented by the American Chemical Society on March 31, was in recognition of Kiplinger's outstanding work at the U. on her doctoral thesis. Every year the society recognizes the best doctoral thesis in the country, and Kiplinger's was selected from those of about 2,000 doctoral candidates.

Kiplinger and Richmond developed new chemistry rules about the reaction of highly inert "pre-fluorocarbons" like Teflon.

"This is perhaps the most unusual award presented by the American Chemical Society," Richmond said. "Unlike most prizes, a faculty member an be recognized only through the excellence of his student."

Kiplinger earned her doctorate in chemistry from the U. in 1996 and is now studying at the University of California, Berkeley.

Unexpected molten rock

Two thousand miles beneath the surface of Earth, molten rock exists in a region where scientists did not expect to find any, according to the National Science Foundation.

At that level, many scientists didn't expect to find anything but solid rock. The molten rock was discovered through analysis of seismic waves measured in Norway.

"One of the most exciting puzzles in the Earth is the nature of mantle convection, which is the driving force of earthquakes," said the NSF program director for geophysics, Jim Whitcomb. "This study is an important step in characterizing the lower boundary of that convection."