Age: 39

Where born: Boise

Family: Wife: Mechel; five boys: Greg, 15; Brad, 12; Cameron, 6; and twins Jacob and Jared, 5.

Education: BA from Boise State University; MBA from Utah State University

Primary products: Health care.

Number of employees: 600 plus

Annual sales volume: $60 million


First "real" job: A sandwich shop called the San Francisco Grinder.

Management style: Open, direct, soft voice; listen, listen, listen.

Keys to success: Jump in, get your feet wet - tackle the hard things first.

One lesson I've learned in my work: Treat people with kindness and fairness and they will respond to you.

What I like about my line of work: Meeting all kinds of people, solving problems.

My heroes: My father and my wife.

Leisure time and hobbies: Reading, woodworking.

Favorite book: Anything by Tom Clancy.

Favorite movie: "Princess Bride."