From the first strum-mings of guitar and banjo to an enthusiastic ending, members of the Kingston Trio proved they may be getting old, but they can still play with gusto the tunes that made them famous.

The trio performed to a sold-out crowd Tuesday evening, offering fun renditions of songs such as "Three Jolly Coachmen" and "The Old Tattooed Lady" and poking fun at themselves, their age and even the age of their audience."You all look so old," were the first words of trio member Bob Shane as he looked over the crowd after the act's first number. The audience responded with laughter and the band continued with jokes about their hair - and lack of it.

Indeed, humor was one of the most enjoyable parts of this show. Shane followed nearly every number with a joke or two, leaving the audience laughing heartily. Not to be outdone, the trio's other two members - Nick Reynolds and George Grove - threw in their own humorous comments, making the pauses between the songs as enjoyable as the songs themselves.

The Kingston Trio, originally formed in 1957, still tours 35 weeks a year. Shane and Reynolds are both founding members of the group, while Grove joined the group in 1972. It was apparent during Tuesday's concert that the members still enjoy what they do.

Shane and Reynolds both strummed guitars as they sang, while Grove was given ample opportunity to showcase his talent on the banjo. The trio was accompanied by two other musicians playing bass and other various stringed instruments.

Unfortunately, audience members were not able to enjoy fully the vocal harmonies during the first half of the concert. Apparent technical problems kept the volume low on both Shane and Reynolds, making them difficult to hear and almost impossible to understand while they were singing.

Luckily, the problem was corrected during intermission, in time for the group's performance of "Tom Dooley," the song which received the most enthusiastic response from the crowd during the evening. Audience members were encouraged to sing along as the band performed this hit.

Shane and Reynolds also performed solo numbers, with Grove singing a song from his own solo album.

Despite the sound problems, this concert was still an enjoyable show, with plenty of laughter, enthusiasm and classic folk music.