Police weighed charges against an Australian nanny Wednesday in the death of a baby in her care, a case that reminded many of the U.S. trial of Louise Woodward last fall.

Caroline Jongen, 6 months, died at a London hospital Tuesday, four days after she was admitted in critical condition.A magistrate Monday accused Australian Louise Sullivan, 26, a live-in nanny for Marcel and Muriel Jongen, of causing grievous bodily harm to the child.

With the baby dead, police said they would consult the Crown Prosecution Service regarding the possibility of further charges.

For Britons, the case stirred memories of the Woodward case.

Woodward was a British au pair tried in Cambridge, Mass., in the death of Matthew Eappen, 8 months, while in her care.

A jury convicted Woodward of second-degree murder and she received a prison sentence of 15 years to life. However, the judge reduced her conviction to manslaughter and released her pending the outcome of an appeal.