Chinese dissident Wang Dan suffers from nothing more than weak vision and asthma, doctors said barely 48 hours after his release from prison for what his communist government said were medical reasons.

Wang was fitted for contact lenses Monday and was to be released Tuesday afternoon from Henry Ford Hospital before flying to New York. He is expected to speak publicly for the first time Thursday at the New York Academy of Science."I'm free now, but I do not feel relaxed," he said in a statement. "China is in my heart. I hope I can go back to my country soon."

Wang, a leader of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests who spent nearly 61/2 years in Chinese prisons, had complained of chronic headaches and a throat infection. His family had speculated that the 29-year-old had a brain tumor, but doctors said the headaches likely were caused by bad vision.

Wang was freed just two months before President Clinton's scheduled trip to Beijing. He is the second major dissident released in recent months - Wei Jingsheng flew into Detroit in November and spent four days being treated at Henry Ford Hospital before moving on to New York.

China on Tuesday denied it released Wang as part of a deal with the United States. "There is no question whatsoever that there was a deal between China and the United States," foreign ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao told re-port-ers.

Separately, a Hong Kong-based human rights group said China had sentenced democracy activist Wang Tingjin to two years in a labor camp for meeting a U.S.-based dissident who sneaked into the country in February.

Police had taken Wang Tingjin, a 43-year-old mathematics teacher, from his home in central Anhui province last week, the Information Center of Human Rights & Democratic Movement in China said. His wife had been notified of the labor camp sentence on Monday, the group said.