A 5-month-old baby was removed from his home Friday after a neighbor called and said the baby was unattended in an alleged drug house.

Salt Lake police responded to an apartment on the 300 South block of 500 East. An anonymous caller told dispatchers there were drug dealers living in the apartment with the baby and gave the names of two people.Officers arrived at the apartment shortly after midnight Friday and knocked on the door. A man inside the apartment asked who was there. When one of the officers said it was the police and that they needed to check on the baby, he said he couldn't open the door because it didn't have a knob and that the "baby was fine," a Salt Lake police report said.

Officers entered the house and talked with a man who identified himself as James Taylor. He said he was the baby sitter but wasn't sure of the parents' identities, the report said.

Except for a wet diaper, police said, the baby appeared to be in good condition. The officers told the baby sitter, who turned out to have one of the names given by the caller, not James Taylor, they needed to search the house for the officers' safety.

The man objected, but the officers walked into an adjacent room anyway. There officers found syringes, spoons, cigarette filters and a spoon with residue on the underside indicating it had been held over a heat source, the report said.

Police looked through a set of drawers for information about the identity of the baby's parents. During that search, they found more drug paraphernalia.

Police also found a baby book for the child, which indicated the child had been born in the house on the couch.

The officers took the baby book into evidence, along with the drug paraphernalia, and then called the Division of Child and Family Services. Officials from that agency decided the environment wasn't safe and took the child into state custody, the report said.