Tired of writing out checks for your city utility bills? Want to save a 32-cent stamp? Don't like the idea of making that payment at City Hall?

Now Murray City is offering an automatic payment program that will electronically withdraw your city utility bill directly from your bank account."An advantage to this payment plan is that the bill is paid automatically while a person is traveling or during an illness," said City Treasurer Ron Koller. "Electronic funds transfer is a fast, easy and convenient way to pay."

The program also is expected to benefit senior citizens, shut-ins and persons with illnesses that limit their mobility.

Sign-up forms for the automatic withdrawal program are available in Room 118 at City Hall.

Residents are also invited to continue using night depositories, sending payments by mail or making payments in person.

Mayor Dan Snarr said the automatic withdrawal of utility payments is part of an effort by city officials to make municipal services more customer-friendly.

Additional information is available by phoning the city utilities office at 264-2626.