The Logan-Cache County Airport is scheduled to receive more than $3.3 million in state and federal funds over the next three years, and most of the funds will go toward a runway extension.

"We were identified as the No. 1 priority in the state," said airport manager Mike Nilson. "The money wasn't difficult to get once we showed the need."The size and frequency of aircraft have increased, creating a need to expand the runway by 3,470 feet to the north, Nilson said.

The largest project facing the airport is the $2 million runway expansion, for which the airport has been awarded $1.9 in federal money. The state will kick in $90,600 and Logan-Cache County will match that offer. That money is scheduled to be spent in budget year 2000.

With the runway expansion, the federal government has awarded $450,000 for land acquisition by 1999, while Logan-Cache and the state will each pay $22,416.

Federal funds will also help the airport with wetland mitigation, since federal laws require that any wetlands displaced by development be replaced somewhere else.

Also by 2000, the airport will add a completely new runway lighting system with $181,880 of federal money and $9,060 from the state.

"It's failing and has been failing on us regularly," Nilson said of a lighting system constructed in the 1960s that was meant to be replaced in the 1980s.