There's a lot of good news for Kaysville area drivers: Two new traffic signals, plus improvements to a third existing signal should greatly benefit drivers later this spring or summer.

The Utah Department of Transportation is currently working to install two new signals at the on and off ramps of I-15, along 200 North.Assistant UDOT Region One Director Rod Terry said the project was bid last fall and although preliminary work has started, it could still take three months or more to com-plete.

Terry said the signals won't initially include protected left-hand turn signals. They would be added later as traffic increases.

Project engineer Kent Nichols said there's a lot of concrete work associated with the new signals. He doesn't expect work to shift into high gear for at least a month, when asphalt becomes more readily available.

"Then, it will go fairly fast," he said.

UDOT also is working on adding protected left-hand turn signals to the 200 North Main intersection in Kaysville.

Project engineer Larry Durrant said he doesn't have an estimate on when those signals will be active. He said the construction company doing the work has several concurrent projects under way and must jump around.

The cuts in the asphalt to add underground sensors for the new signals have now been marked on Main Street.

Especially on weekday afternoons, after Davis High School students hit the road, northbound traffic on Main Street trying to turn left onto 200 North usually backs up three or more blocks.

A third bit of promising traffic news for Kaysville is that UDOT has finally approved the installation of a traffic light at 325 S. Main, in front of Davis High School and also near Columbia Elementary and Kaysville Junior High schools.

Actual installation of the light is likely more than a year away, but some area residents have wanted the signal for many years. The danger is related to many students crossing the busy highway, while drivers tend to speed along that stretch.

Kaysville Mayor Brian Cook said he is very pleased about the new traffic improvements.