Douglas Fairbanks was the Bruce Willis of his day. Or perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger is a better comparison. Or Jackie Chan.

Actually, as a charming tough guy, a brash swashbuckler and a daredevil stunt artist, he was more like all three.Fairbanks' 1927 film "The Gaucho" will play at the Organ Loft on Thursday and Friday, April 23 and 24, with live accompaniment from Blaine Gale at the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.

The silent superstar plays a South American cowboy, and the film features a cameo appearance by his wife, Mary Pickford, as well as the film debut of Lupe Velez at the age of 17 (she would go on to gain stardom as "The Mexican Spitfire").

Both showings will begin at 7:30 p.m. The Organ Loft is at 3331 Edison St. (east of State Street, just south of 3300 South). All seats are $5. For reservations, phone 485-9265.