A small plane slammed into a suburban house Saturday, narrowly missing two young boys playing on a computer.

When firefighters arrived, they found the pilot and passenger - who suffered facial cuts - lying on the patio while neighbors doused the plane with home fire extinguishers.The plane broke out windows and a door in the back of the house before coming to rest 3 feet from where the boys, 6 and 8, were playing. The younger boy suffered cuts on his leg from broken glass.

"I've seen a bunch of plane crashes in my 30 years, but never anything this bad where everyone escaped serious injury," said Tim Szy-man-ski, a spokesman for the Las Vegas Fire Department. I couldn't believe we didn't come out with four fatalities."

The Beechcraft Bonanza was on final approach to North Las Vegas Airport when it experienced engine problems.

Dave Omura, 30, and his wife, Geri, 33, fled the house with their sons. The plane's landing gear ended up in their kitchen.

"It's amazing the glass didn't shred the boys," Szymanski said. "It was all over the house."