Stephen Howard Fagan, wearing a Palm Beach tan and a pair of handcuffs, was brought to Boston Saturday to answer charges that he kidnapped his two daughters nearly 20 years ago after a bitter divorce.

Escorted by Massachusetts State police officers, the 56-year-old Newton native left his morning flight at Logan Airport. As a cluster of reporters shouted questions, Fagan said he was confident that his actions were valid. "Everything will come out," he said.Fagan wouldn't say if he has spoken to his daughters since his arrest. "Anything I have to say to them, I have already said. I love them," he said. Fagan will be arraigned Tuesday in Framingham District Court on two charges of parental kidnapping. Each carries a maximum five-year sentence.

Lisa and Rachael Martin were 2 and 4 when he allegedly told them that their mother had died in a car crash. But on Thursday, investigators told them that their mother, Barbara, was alive and working as a scientist in Charlottesville, Va. Despite the dramatic turn of events, mother and daughters have not yet spoken.

Barbara Kurth, now using her maiden name, told relatives she is worried about the confusion and pain her children may feel after learning that their father - who sat in the stands at swimming meets and graduation ceremonies - betrayed them.

"She is, of course, anxious to see them," Peter Kurth, Barbara's younger brother, said.