Beermeisters can be a tenacious bunch.

Last year, a group of restaurateurs tried to open a brew pub in Sandy - only to be foiled by a divided city council.Now they're taking their hopes, hops and barley to Midvale.

Their plan is to open the Avalanche Brewery at 94 E. 7200 South. A public hearing this week at Midvale's City Council chambers drew several brew-pub supporters, along with a few opposing voices.

"We want to offer a different type of dining experience" for Salt Lake-area residents and families, said would-be brew pub co-owner Greg Olsen.

"This is a positive idea for a successful business," said Phil Wagoner, a real estate agent.

A few area business representatives told the council Tuesday a brew pub in the south section of the valley would be a boon to entertaining clients.

Others were less thrilled.

"I'm opposed to the brewing and selling of alcoholic beverages," Midvale resident Lee Jensen said.

Several concerns raised by the council and city attorney Marty Pezely centered on how the establishment would prevent imbibed patrons from jumping in their cars then driving on Midvale streets.

Olsen said the brew pub atmosphere isn't about getting drunk.

"If someone just wants to get drunk, the cheapest way possible is to go to a convenience store" and buy beer, he said.

Olsen added his servers would monitor alcohol consumption and, if needed, provide ride homes for tipsy patrons.

If approved, Avalanche Brewery would have a Class A and C liquor license, allowing it to sell beer customers can take home.

Patrons would also be able to buy a beer at the brewery bar without ordering food.

"That's a mixture that's not good," said resident Blaine Porter.

Floor plans call for a tavern and separate family dining area.

Councilman Kent King asked why Sandy City previously rejected the brew pub application.

Olsen said he couldn't second-guess the minds of Sandy council members - who nixed his application with a 4-3 vote - but felt some were simply closed-minded about the venture.

If approved, Avalanche Brewery wouldn't be Midvale's only brew pub. Hoppers Grill and Brewing Co., 890 E. Fort Union Blvd., was annexed into the city in January.

The City Council will vote on the brew pub application at its April 28 meeting.