DeAndre and LeAndre are 9-year-old twins born Dec. 29, 1987. They're happy, outgoing boys who like going to the park, the library and eating out. They also enjoy church.

Both boys have some slight learning disabilities and need extra help with their schoolwork. Both take medication for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.DeAndre and LeAndre are attached to their foster family, and their social worker is confident they can bond with an adoptive family. They get along well with others, though they sometimes use negative behavior to get attention. Neither boy is in therapy, though their adoptive family may find some professional help useful during the transition to their new home.

During the summer of 1993, the boys were briefly in foster care. They returned to foster care in October 1994 and have lived with the same foster family since that time.

A two-parent family is preferred.

They boys need a family who will honor their culture and allow them to stay in touch with their brothers and sister.

Financial assistance for medical care, therapy and adoption is available.