I am outraged. On April 4, my teenage son and friend were victims of a hit-and-run accident on State Street. We were fortunate that they were not killed because they had their seat belts on. We really appreciated the efforts of the three witnesses who were kind enough to stop and check to see if they were OK, the police officer who arrived on the scene and the paramedics.

My outrage is directed at the Salt Lake Police Department. Apparently a hit-and-run accident with injuries requiring surgery and a totaled car aren't major enough to launch an effort to locate the driver of the truck that rammed them from the rear at approximately 50-60 mph in a 35 mph zone, knocking the car across three traffic lanes.We are now into this approximately $10,000 with a completely wrecked car and medical bills, not to ignore the human suffering incurred by the two teenagers and their families. Witnesses reported the description of the truck that hit them, including a partial plate number (three out of six digits), but we have yet to see any significant efforts on the part of the Salt Lake Police Department to find this criminal before he does this to someone else, possibly causing a fatality.

I guess this kind of crime doesn't rate active police investigation like drive-by shootings in which innocent victims are hurt. Don't both of these crimes involve weapons that can injure or kill innocent victims?

Nan Streeter

Salt Lake City