I have commuted into Salt Lake from Davis County these past 27 years, and it is alarming how difficult it has become to make this "trek" during the past few years. To do so on a daily basis tests the mettle of the best and calmest drivers. Morning traffic is very often backed to Lagoon and beyond - and then just sitting. AND, there is really no alternative, except winding through residential streets of Bountiful. This is obviously tedious, and it's unsafe for neighborhoods to absorb huge volumes of freeway traffic.

In Salt Lake there are parallel options to I-15 such as Bangerter Highway, Redwood Road, State Street, 700 East, 1300 East and I-215 beltway. Not so in Davis County. There is really only one thoroughfare (I-15) that connects commute traffic to Salt Lake City from Davis County. THEN add to this the considerable additional traffic that recognizes this as the major north-south freeway from the Canadian border to St. George, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.Add tourist and trucking traffic onto the burgeoning traffic from eight years of rapid growth in the northern end of Davis and Weber counties, and you have the likeness of pumping gas into your car though a ball-point pen. Without question, an additional thoroughfare is needed to facilitate traffic from these growing communities into Salt Lake.

Richard Bell

Fruit Heights