Don't expect a bundle of heated political contests when the Tooele County Democratic Party holds its annual nominating convention tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the County Health Department, 151 N. Main.

With seven of the county's elected officials who are Democrats running unopposed, the only contest up for grabs this year is the County Commission race between political newcomer Vicki Griffith and incumbent Lois E. McArthur.Griffith is making her first bid for public office.

Party officials are not expecting any major issues at the convention, Griffith said, although there may be a move to change the percentage of votes needed to avoid primary election runoffs.

Traditionally, candidates receiving 70 percent of the delegate vote in county nominating conventions won the nominations.

But following a change in state law, county parties may now set those percentages, and Tooele Democrats have been considering a change from 70 percent to a two-thirds majority.