Last Friday, we received a neat little challenge from Buffalo Bill Athey, the music editor for The Event magazine. In the calendar section, he stated something to the effect that if we were as cool as we "portend" (great vocabulary word, Bill) to be, we would show up at Spanky's that night.

Thanks, Bill, but really. If you desperately wanted us there, why didn't you call us in advance rather than hoping that we would actually read The Event and see your sweet little invite the day of the show? We're busy girls, Bill. On the go. Things to do. People to entertain. Bands to review.Our point is, we're up to any challenge, but we already had plans Friday night. Furthermore, you wanted us to go to Spanky's. We hate Spanky's. Spanky's management goes beyond that of the Zephyr in the realms of rude. Whereas the dudes at the Zephyr just pretty much ignore anyone who needs help, the management at Spanky's is downright rummy (British slang meaning bizarre, cranky, curious, eccentric, erratic, freakish, idiosyncratic, odd, outlandish, peculiar or queer).

The management is not the only problem. Their sound is horrible, too. They could make anyone sound crappy with the amount of volume and feedback customary to their shows. In short, we don't like it there, so again, we apologize, Bill.

We actually did have another engagement Friday night. We were off to Park City, land of Utah's beautiful people, for yet another evening of our own special brand of fun.

Cicero's. Cicero's, Cicero's, Cicero's. One of the few places you can find a great blend of the exotic and the domestic. Ski bunnies, tourists and earth muffins, all gathered in perfect harmony under one equipment adorned roof.

L: In Cicero's you can find women clad in tight black ski pants tucked into big white woolly boots (now I know what happened to the abominable snowman) and strapping young mountain bucks with ski patrol badges. They're the reason why I fall so much on the slopes.

J: Yeah. The thing about Cicero's is that just about everyone feels comfortable there. Park City locals see their neighbors, Salt Lakers are made to feel like they are on vacation, and vacationers think it's quaint to mingle with the locals.

As we near the last quarter of our column, our faithful readers may find it strange that we have not mentioned music as of yet. A visit to Cicero's is a visit for its ambience, not its live entertainment. The sound system leaves much to be desired, although many of Utah's great local bands perform there regularly. We've seen Zion Tribe and the Given at Cicero's, and both were great shows, poor sound balance and a large amount of feedback.

Cicero's offers great bar fare with speedy and agreeable service, and we hear the upstairs restaurant isn't bad, either. It's definitely worth the gas money it takes to drive to Park City.

Well, we're done. Next week we'll be back in fine form with yet another thrilling account of our adventures out. Thank you, Cic-ero's, for just being you. You make for a great Friday night getaway.