Monica Lewinsky is paying off some legal bills by working at the office of her attorney, William Ginsburg, her father says.

"She tries to defray the cost by working, and doing work there, filing and getting things together," her father, Bernard Lewinsky, said Thursday on CNN's "Larry King Live."He said the former White House intern's future in public relations or the law has been jeopardized by a former friend who taped their conversations, a zealous prosecutor and a press corps that has made normal family life a memory.

Independent counsel Kenneth Starr is investigating the nature of Monica Lewinsky's relationship with President Clinton, whether she lied about it and whether she asked her former friend, Linda Tripp, to lie. Tripp turned her secret tapes of their conversations over to Starr as evidence.

The ensuing hubbub has made it impossible for Monica Lewinsky to date, see her brother or confide even in her father, Bernard Lewinsky said.

"She's very disturbed that she has no life right now," he said. "She's afraid she'll put all of her friends in jeopardy if she talks to them."

Lewinsky said he has not asked for details of his daughter's relationship with Clinton out of respect for her, but he acknowledged steering clear of particulars for fear of being subpoenaed. "There's no reason for me to get dragged in just because I talked to my daughter," he said.

A Los Angeles-area oncologist, Lewinsky said his family has been victimized by the scandal and haunted by the fear that Monica may go to prison.

"The fear that I fear is exactly what they fear when they get the diagnosis of cancer," Lewinsky said. "We have an unknown, we don't know where it's gonna go, we don't know when it's gonna finish."