It's spring and the U.S. Postal Service has sprung into action with the issuance of five beautiful 32-cent "flowering trees" commemorative stamps. The flowering trees depicted are native to different geographical regions of the United States - the Pacific dogwood, the Southern magnolia, blue paloverde, yellow poplar and the prairie crab apple.

The Pacific dogwood is found from Idaho to the northern mountains of California and down to Southern California. The largest trees occur in the redwood forests of northern California.The Southern magnolia is found mainly in the coastal plains of the southeastern United States from North Carolina to Texas. It has been considered one of the most splendid ornamental trees in American forests.

The yellow poplar is found primarily in eastern North America, from Ontario in Canada down to Florida. It thrives in rich, moist soil.

The blue paloverde is found from central Arizona to Southern California and then down to northwest Mexico.

The prairie crab apple is found in Indiana and Minnesota. However, this tree grows as far south as central Texas. The fruit of this tree is round, smooth and pale green in color.

The 32-cent stamps are available in self-adhesive panes of 20.

First day of issue postmarks can be ordered by mail. You may purchase the stamps at your local post office, affix the stamps to your envelopes, address the envelopes and place in a larger one addressed to: Flowering Tree Stamps, Postmaster Special Events, P.O. Box 2001 JAF Building, New York, NY 10116-2001.

There is no charge for the postmarks. The deadline for ordering is Saturday, April 18.