Late-season snow and cold temperatures have taken their toll on Cache Valley livestock in the middle of lambing and calving season.

Cache County Extension Agent Don Huber said there have been more losses of newborn lambs and calves this year than normal, although no tally of losses is available.Huber said range flocks and herds are highly susceptible to losses from the weather because the wet newborns are immediately exposed to the cold, unlike those born in sheds and barns.

In addition to livestock losses, he said local farmers may face lower grain yields this year if spring crops are not planted soon.

Many farmers want to get their spring grain planted by mid-April because grain planted in May in Cache Valley often produces lower yields.

Fruit growers don't have to worry yet. Huber said most fruit trees in Cache Valley are still dormant and not likely to be affected by this month's cold and snow.

He said the trees become susceptible to the cold after they start to blossom and fruits begin to form.