Many people are now planning their summer vacations and some are opting for photo tours. If you are a serious photographer who wants to expand your photographic horizons consider participating in a photo workshop - guided by seasoned professionals.

One example of a fine photo seminar is the Tuscany Workshop. From June 7 to June 20 of this year, photographer Joel Meyerowitz will lead an intense and intimate, two-week color photography workshop in Tuscany, Italy, for 20 intermediate and advanced students.Participants will tour the Tuscan landscape and hill towns, which provide an environment of varied opportunity to study landscape photography, street photography and portraiture.

For more information on the Tuscany Workshop, contact Joel Meyerowitz or Maggie Barrett at 1-212-366-0601.

Photo safaris organized by Joseph Van Os to the sub-Antarctic islands also are designed with a personal touch approach. Aboard a ship, photographers will get a unique opportunity to capture on film, the exotic wildlife of the islands of Auckland, Campbell, Stewart and Sanares. For additional information about these safaris, call 1-206-463-5383.

Have you always wanted to visit Ireland and its beautiful countryside? The Photo Tour Network has a workshop in Ireland where you'll be given expert advice by Ron Rosenstock. Call 1-800-633-0299.

Interested in filling your camera's viewfinder with the cute face of a harp seal in the Magdelen Islands, off the coast of Newfoundland? Contact Joe and Mary Ann McDonald about their Natural Habitat Adventures. Call 1-800- 543-8917.

If you don't know exactly where you want to travel and photograph, the Main Photographic Workshops can help you decide. The organization offers information about more than 100 workshops worldwide. Call 1-207-236-8581.

If you intend to participate in a workshop, here are some tips:

- Request a list of participants in advance. Ask about their skills and interests. This way, you'll find out where you fit into the group.

- Ask about photo gear. Some workshops supply some photo equipment; others ask you to bring all your own equipment.

- Ask about on-site processing. This is important if you want to see how you are progressing.

- Don't overlook the workshop's cancellation and refund policy, just in case you have to cancel.

- Think about travelers insurance, available through travel agents. For a small investment, usually under $75, you can get insurance for the full value of your trip - if you must cancel for a valid reason.

- Take more film and batteries than you think you need.