HARRIS CAN'T FORGET: Del Harris can't forget the Los Angeles Lakers' most disappointing road trip, the one that concluded in early March, the one that started the rumors of his demise as coach. So he took time out to gloat after the Lakers' recent win in Dallas, which assured them of the best road record in the NBA.

"I guess we'll blow our own horn a little bit here," he said. "We just ended up with the best record in the league on the road, and I think that's something our team can be very proud of."The Lakers' 28-13 road record is the second best in franchise history. No other NBA team will match the mark when the season concludes this weekend. The runners-up include the Jazz, Bulls and Pacers, who could reach 27 road wins, and the Sonics, Suns and Heat, who could win 26.

Of the 28 wins away from the Forum, seven came in the past three weeks, as the Lakers swept, consecutively, a four-game series and a three-game series. But it was the 3-3 road trip from late February to early March that started the rumors of Harris' dismissal.

"Just to think, about a few months ago, they wanted to fire me because we only went .500 on the toughest road trip we had, six games in nine days," he said. "And the irony of it is just inescapable, that we would actually end up having the best road record in the league."

PIPPEN SUFFERS FROM KIDNEY STONE PROBLEM: Scottie Pippen did not accompany his team to Detroit on Wednesday for their game against the Pistons, staying behind in Chicago with a kidney stone problem.

Pippen, who has started 42 games since returning from surgery on his left foot, was listed as day-to-day by the Bulls.

NETS RE-SIGN HALEY: The New Jersey Nets re-signed center Jack Haley to a player contract Wednesday after he had spent more than two months as an assistant coach.

Haley's second 10-day contract with New Jersey expired Jan. 29. He has been an assistant coach ever since.