Yahoo! Internet Life magazine has noted Cedar City as Utah's most wired small city.

Yahoo's March issue names the most-wired small cities in the nation based on several criteria, including business and personal Internet use. Magazine editors selected a city under 40,000 in each state."Utah is surprisingly well wired." The article said, "even villages such as Vineyard (population 151) have hundreds of computers. But the title of most impressive online community belongs to the tourism-driven Cedar City, which sits in the heart of Color Country."

Cedar City Mayor Harold Shirley, who has been an Internet advocate for the past few years, said he is glad the city is recognized for its use of the Internet. However, he said, what's important is what the Internet has done for Cedar City, and that's why residents should be excited about the recognition.

The Yahoo story evaluated things such as how cities used the Internet and number of Internet users per capita.

Information on the Internet about Cedar City includes population and growth numbers and a brief biography of members of the City Council. There also is a list of restaurants and links to the Iron County School District, the Utah Shakespearean Festival and other sites of interest.

Shirley said he would like people to be able to apply for a building permit over the Internet.

"I think the day will come when people can watch a public hearing over the Internet and interact with the City Council if they want to make a comment," the mayor said.

Al Shepherd, owner of Net Utah, said his company alone has 1,500 e-mail accounts in the Cedar City area, and there are at least two other companies that provide service in Cedar City, pushing the number of users to more than 2,500.

Shepherd said this doesn't include Southern Utah University students who get a free e-mail account from the university.

"There are a lot of people out there using the Net, but some of them are just checking e-mail and not doing anything else," he said. "I think there are a lot of people in Cedar City who don't know or just aren't using the Internet."

Shirley disagrees. He said Cedar City residents are exposed to the Internet in school and at work.

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