We see so much violence among young people today, and much of that violence parallels things portrayed in movies, TV shows, video games and gangsta rap videos, yet the creators of such trash consistently deny that these materials have any negative effect, much in the same way cigarette manufacturers continually deny that cigarettes cause lung cancer. Pumping trash into a person's brain or lungs will have the same result - trashy brain and trashy lungs. Trashed lungs will only kill the person. A trashed brain, unfortunately, may cause the person to kill others. The personality is an accumulation of all that a person experiences.

If a young person experiences a constant flow of foul language, violently torturous images of murder, and continuous instigations to attack and destroy women, parents and authority figures, it will be miraculous if that person does not end up a killer. Any argument against this could only be made by some greedy imbecilic moron who fears a loss of profits or power. It is known by those who teach drama and literature that, ever since the days of the ancient Greeks, whatever a person learns deeply, he does.The Greeks expected authors to be responsible for what they put before the public, even with their lives, if their writings caused criminal activity. We are fools if, in the name of "free speech," we allow the trash peddlers to pull our society crashing down on our heads; for unchecked, they surely will. This is a war, and the battleground is the hearts and minds of the young. If we step aside for fear and let their minds be filled with the slime that oozes from the gutters, we will not only lose the battle; we will be joint partners with that sleazy element which hopes to destroy our young people, and us with them.

R. Scott Ormond

American Fork