I must write and respond to Mr. Keith's letter regarding the Provo High incident at the University of Utah. I really don't believe that charges should be brought against these fine Utah County boys who were involved. In fact, upon reading Mr. Keith's letter, it's clear to me that these (our) players were the real victims and the University of Utah B-ball players were the perpetrators.

It should be obvious that when the Provo team arrived in the Utah locker rooms, the shoes, the $60, the warm-ups and the other items were left apparently unclaimed. I know that when the boys placed these items into their own gym bags they did so with full intentions to take them out before they left. And even if they didn't, that's really OK because they're juveniles and they have the excuse of not being of age to know right from wrong.It's pretty clear to us Utah County people, isn't it Mr. Keith? The true perpetrators that night were those bullying Utah players. I can hardly believe that when they found their things and money missing that they searched (illegally) our boys' bags.

And then imagine the audacity of those Utes being angry about such a minuscule and innocent mistake as the theft of their property. On top of it all, our boys get blamed for the whole thing. I say that it should have been the Utah players to walk in handcuffs in front of the Huntsman Center crowd. After all, it was technically them, not our Provo boys, who broke the law and acted irrationally.

To Mr. Keith I pose the question: Is anything free from the BYU-Utah rivalry?

Steve Call