Former Brigham Young University basketball player Ron Selleaze has pleaded not guilty to possession of marijuana.

Selleaze, 21, was scheduled to appear in 4th District Court Wednesday. Instead, his attorney entered the plea for him, and a pretrial conference was set for May 14.Selleaze was charged March 26 with possession of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone, a class A misdemeanor. The charge stems from a March 16 incident in which Provo police responded to a noise complaint at 1799 N. 950 West, No. 23.

Selleaze was suspended this week from BYU's basketball team for one year for violating the Honor Code, which all students agree to abide by when they enroll at the college. Selleaze likely will transfer from BYU to play his remaining year of basketball eligibility at Division II school.

If convicted of the misdemeanor offense, Selleaze could face up to one year in jail. However, it's unlikely that he would spend any time in jail on a first offense.