All is forgotten.

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jaromir Jagr, the NHL's top scorer, was contrite Tuesday after meeting with coach Kevin Constantine, whom Jagr said put him "through hell." Jagr later apologized."I don't really like discipline," Jagr said. "I went over the edge this year. Probably I shouldn't have done some of the things I did. Maybe I was a bad example, and that's what Kevin really was worried about."

Jagr met briefly with Constantine at the Penguins training camp in Canonsburg.

Jagr and his coach tried to bridge the gap that existed between them all season. He said he listened while the coach explained the principles that the Penguins must follow.

Jagr complained about Constantine after Saturday's tie with Florida. The coach stopped pairing him with Ron Francis and Stu Barnes on what has been Pittsburgh's top scoring line.