A man known as "Little Ghost" tried to disappear from police Friday as he led officers on an extensive car and foot chase before being arrested for traffic violations and an outstanding warrant.

About 11 a.m., West Valley police officer Bill Froelich tried to stop a driver for a minor traffic violation near 3500 South and 2200 West, said West Valley Police Lt. Charles Illsley. The driver refused to stop and tried to outrun the officer by driving through a gas station at 1950 W. 3500 South."He was traveling at 40 miles through the gas pumps where people were filling their cars with gas," Illsley said.

Officers cornered the man in a back yard and sprayed him once with pepper spray to subdue him, Illsley said. However, he run and jumped a 7-foot wooden fence before an officer tackled him and arrested him.

Police also arrested a woman who approached the scene and gave officers false information about the man's identity, Illsley said. She was cited for obstructing justice and released.

After his arrest, the man "told police he intentionally drove through the gas station pumps at 40 miles an hour to scare police into terminating the pursuit," Illsley said.

A passenger in the man's car was released after the man's arrest. The man arrested had an outstanding $8,000 arrest warrant. He was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of fleeing police, driving on a suspended license, resisting arrest, driving without insurance and improper registration, Illsley said.

The suspect, who has an extensive history, is a "documented member of the Laylow Crips" gang. The man who shot West Valley officer Robert Idle on Aug. 15 belonged to the same gang, Illsley said.