Joe Ritchie has been a Democrat since Harry Truman. His son is a Ronald Reagan devotee.

But both Ritchies - Joe, 61, a Weber County commissioner, and Jay, 40, the mayor of West Point - say they actually agree most of the time."The only difference we have between us is labels," said Jay, who as mayor holds a nonpartisan office but has political aspirations as a Republican.

They both say they are conservative fiscally, pro-family and favor apple pie and motherhood.

Jean Ritchie, Jay's mother and Joe's wife, remains steadfastly independent.

"I think she is her own party," Joe said.

"I vote for the candidate and not the party," said Jean, who has served 20 years as an election judge.

Both Jay and Joe say they don't let their political allegiances spill over into their personal lives.

"We don't spend any time talking about (President) Clinton or Washington, D.C.," Jay said.

Joe, a former Ogden police chief, is currently campaigning to serve a second term as a commissioner, a post he believes should be nonpartisan.

"I don't think there is room for party politics at this level," he said, even though he is proud to be a Democrat.

Jean Ritche says she doesn't know how her son grew up to be a Republican, except that both men have minds of their own.

"You are not going to change either one of those minds," she said.