When was the last time you baked cookies for your trusty garbage man?

Ever mailed a thank-you card to the improvement district for reliable sewage treatment?Face it. Good municipal service is transparent. If you don't notice your neighborhood service providers, odds are they're doing their job.

Four months after annexing into Midvale, residents of the Union Fort community apparently aren't paying much attention to their new team of public servants.

"I don't have any gripes," said Marilyn Wouden, a Union Fort resident and member of the Union Community Council.

Wouden said garbage collection has been reliable, "and I do notice police cars going up and down our road."

"Our service has been excellent," adds fellow council member Richard Battison.

Battison said he recently had a water problem. A quick call to the Midvale Fire Department and things were quickly solved, he said.

If consistent throughout the newly annexed area, Battison's sentiments could negate the basis of a Salt Lake County lawsuit filed against Midvale.

In January, the county sued Midvale and the county's own boundary commission, seeking to have the annexation rescinded. The suit argued the boundary commission erred in its ruling that Midvale could proceed with the Union Fort annexations as long as it could provide municipal services equal to those provided by the county.

Midvale city administrator Lee King said things have gone well since January. The city hired 53 new employees, including a dozen new police officers.

Sewage service is still being provided by South Valley Water Reclamation and the city has main-tained its garbage collection con-tract with Waste Management of Utah.

"We've had a lot of positive comments since the annexation," said Midvale Police Chief Gerald Maughan, whose department hired six veteran and six rookie officers.

Two full-time cars have been assigned to the annexed area, while a pair of roaming patrol cars is available to assist, said the chief.

"At this point, we're satisfied with our response time," added Maughan, saying he expects to arrive for emergency calls within three minutes.