For the third consecutive year, Tooele County search-and-rescue volunteers responded to a call for help on Easter weekend.

At 1:20 p.m. Sunday, volunteers and sheriff's deputies from Tooele and Utah counties left their Easter celebrations to search for a 17-year-old Tooele resident.Justin Brown was found "cold and hungry but OK" about 6 p.m., said Tooele County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Tom Adams. He was about 81/2 miles south of the camp site he'd left that morning around 9 a.m. for a ride on an all-terrain vehicle.

He told family members he'd be back within the hour. When he didn't return for more than four hours, his family called police. The weather was windy and cold but broke for a couple of hours late Sunday afternoon, Adams said.

That allowed Utah County sheriff's deputies to use a fixed-wing plane to search for the boy.

Search and rescue workers on the ground found Brown first, however, walking toward his camp site, which was near Five Mile Pass on the Tooele County-Utah County border. The family had been staying near U-73.

Adams said the area is very popular with ATV riders.

Brown's ATV apparently broke down in a meadow area where he'd been riding on old mine roads. He left the vehicle and walked what he said was about 10 miles before rescue crews found him, Adams said.

Brown wasn't sure where he'd left the ATV, but about 30 minutes after he was found, the plane's crew spotted the abandoned vehicle. Adams said there were so many old mining roads in the area, Brown might have wandered in circles for a while after leaving the vehicle.

Shortly after deputies and volunteers found Brown, it began to snow.

"We were really fortunate," Adams said.