More information about the 1,800 permanently and totally disabled Utahns receiving money from the Employer's Reinsurance Fund is contemplated by the Utah Labor Commission's Industrial Accidents Division.

Joyce Sewell, division director, told members of the commission's Workers Compensation Advisory Council the people collecting money from the fund presently only have to verify if they are alive.She said some people receiving money from the fund might want to attend school for some training so they can go back to work and others might be earning money and shouldn't be.

She drafted a form that requests fund recipients to name their doctor and the date of the last visit, if the person worked in the last year, a copy of the most recent tax return, a copy of the most recent Social Security benefits letter and whether the person is enrolled in a vocational retraining program.

Jinks Dabney, a St. George attorney who represents injured people before the commission, said when someone receiving benefits from the fund looks at the form they probably will call an attorney to help them fill it out. Dabney said there are no provisions for attorney's fees in these circumstances.

He said some of the language is vague and if the form is actually needed it should be revised. Sewell said she would make some changes and bring the draft to the next advisory council meeting.