Almost 24 hours after his brazen escape from a maximum-security prison in a hail of gunfire and twisted wreckage, Jay Junior Sigler still hadn't gotten very far.

Authorities spotted Sigler and an accomplice cruising along their favorite oceanfront highway Sunday afternoon in the same black Saturn police had identified as their getaway car."They were driving normally. The officer was trying to tail them discreetly while he tried to get other units to the scene," said Lew Wilson, a special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Spooked, the two men turned into an alley and immediately sped up - plowing their car into a passing car and killing its 55-year-old driver, Dennis Palmer.

Dazed by the accident, Sigler and his accomplice, 33-year-old Christopher Michelson, were handcuffed without a struggle. A shotgun with a sawed-off handle and some shells were found the car.

Michelson was charged Sunday with first-degree murder in the death of the motorist. Caught a day earlier were the alleged mastermind of the escape plot, Sigler's mother, and two friends who police say helped pull it off.

Sigler and Michelson were captured only 40 miles from the prison where Sigler had staged his daring breakout.

Sigler, 31, escaped Saturday from the Everglades Correctional Institution when a stolen big-rig truck driven by John Beaston, 31, plowed through four security fences, followed by a stolen yellow car driven by Sigler's mother, 58-year-old Sandra Sigler, police said.

Once the truck entered the prison area, Beaston came out firing, police said.

During the shootout, Jay Sigler bolted out of the prison and ducked into the waiting car. Beaston also got in and the car sped away. The group drove to a shopping center to swap cars with another accomplice, police said.

Authorities caught up with Mitchell, Beaston and Sandra Sigler during the car switch.