The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has granted $8.9 million to support 28 new research projects, including five at the University of Utah.

U. research grant recipients are Dr. John Burns, Eduard Gappmaier, Margot Mayer-Proschel, Dr. Jack Petahan and Dr. Louis Ptacek.The 28 new projects focus on understanding and reversing the mistaken immune-system attack in multiple sclerosis, finding ways to repair nerve-insulating myelin damaged by the attack, the effects of exercise and other aspects of the disease. Funds are provided largely by the national network of local branches and chapters, which also provide local service programs.

The disease is unpredictable as it attacks the central nervous system. It strikes in the prime of life, with symptoms ranging from imbalance and numbness to paralysis and blindness.

For more information, call the Utah chapter of the society at 493-0113 or 1-800-527-8116.