Elementary students here will soon take another step toward the 21st century.

Thanks to a federal grant of more than $76,000, South Clearfield Elementary School will purchase 40 new computers with capability to access the Internet, Dick Close, the school's principal, announced."We wanted to get the kids trained on the Internet," Close said. "The only way to train kids for computers is to give them access and experience, and for that you need computers available."

The school is comprised of mostly lower-income, minority students whose only opportunity to experience the Internet will come at school, Close said. Currently, the students' only computer access comes from using the school's Apple IIE computers, which lack Internet access capability.

The school will place the older computers in classrooms, to make room in the library and computer center for the 40 new computers, Close said.

"We're so excited about this grant," Close said, noting that the sum was a large amount for elementary schools to receive. "We're doing back flips about it."