How brazen the United States has become in publicly debating a CIA plot to do away with Saddam Hussein. We read in the New York Times (Feb. 26):

"The CIA has drafted plans for a major program of sabotage and subversion against President Hussein of Iraq, government officials say. If the plan is approved, it will cost tens of millions of dollars a year."Regardless of how desirable the removal of a leader like Saddam may be, our arrogance to plot it is unjustifiable; in fact, it is lawless behavior.

Seven years of embargo have not toppled Saddam but brought immeasurable suffering, deprivation and death to tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. Indeed, a cruel and inhuman punishment.

It is known that Saddam is terrorizing other nations by stockpiling chemical and biological weapons he has used in the past and might use again. Yet, the United States has stockpiles of nuclear weapons and by threatening war for months has in a sense equally kept the world in a state of fear if not terror.

Hopefully, nations will evolve into democracies in their own time. Lording it over them as we do will hardly make converts. After all, America itself is still a democracy in the making and we have a long way to go.

Edie Zimmer