It is terrible when innocents are killed by the insane or criminal as were those in Arkansas on Tuesday. Your cartoon of March 26 attempts to lay these murders at the feet of those who oppose gun control. What is the connection?

Why do you not print the survey commissioned by the Clinton Department of Justice, which determined that 1.5 million Americans annually defend them-selves with guns?Rights of a free people are not negotiable no matter how heinous the news of the day. This applies to freedom of the press; of assembly; of religion; and of the right to bear arms, which right guarantees the rest.

You will not say what would have prevented the murders in Arkansas, but like yapping dogs, yip and howl when others stand up for our God-given Constitution. The problems of our society are not due to our Constitution, but rather our straying from that law and others manmade and divine.

Tom Nelson