Age: 43.

Where born: Sandy, Utah.

Family: Wife, Terri; children, Mason, Patrick, Collin, Hannah.

Education: Master of science-telecommunications, University of Denver.

Primary products: Telecommunications services.

Primary markets: Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota.

Number of employees: 55,000.

Annual sales: $13 billion.


First "real" job: Manager of computer operations.

Management style: Provide leadership, trust people to do their job.

Strategy for success: Work smart, confident leadership, use data and information to make decisions.

A memorable failure: Once lost an international contract for telecommunications services in Hungary. I regret losing the contract but received a first-hand lesson in the politics of European business.

Heroes: Robert E. Lee. A great leader who had tremendous loyalty, courage and honor. Won most of his battles, did his best and lost with dignity and honor against tremendous odds.

Leisure time and hobbies: Bicycle riding.

Favorite book and movie: Book, "Gettysburg"; movie, "Casablanca."