Seven store clerks have been cited for selling tobacco to an underage buyer during a police sting operation this week.

Clerks at JR's Truck Stop, Gary's Texaco, KB Express, Marty's Mart, Holiday Texaco, Surfast and Wal-Mart sold cigarettes to one of four underage buyers, according to police.The buyers were provided by the Southwest Utah Health Department. Cedar City police also took part in planning the sting.

People must be 19 or older to buy tobacco in Utah.

The youth went to 15 convenience stores and gas stations, a discount store and a grocery store.

The clerks who are accused of selling the tobacco were cited for supplying an underage person with tobacco. It is a Class C misdemeanor with a fine of $280.

The clerks also got a lecture from police.

"This is just a reminder to businesses that we do take tobacco violations seriously," said Police Lt. Keith Savage.

Only the clerks - not the businesses - were cited.