A third high-profile client of defense attorney Geoffrey Clark has accused Clark of encouraging perjury.

The Weber County Attorney's Office has been seeking sanctions against Clark in 2nd District Court and is trying to disqualify him in a case involving 16-year-old Aletha Austin, charged with murder.Court documents filed with a disqualification motion Tuesday allege that, following a failed motion to suppress the confession of Alejandro Rosario Miranda, Miranda's wife contacted the county attorney's office, alleging that Clark "had asked her to lie at the hearing."

Second District Judge Michael Glasmann had refused to suppress the confession because he thought both Miranda and his wife were lying.

Miranda, who was on trial for the murder of his daughter, fired Clark three weeks later in open court, telling the judge that Clark asked him to lie during the hearing, the memoranda said.

Serial rapist Jason Brett Higgins has claimed that Clark encouraged him to fake mental illness and assaulted him while he was in jail.

And Trev Poulson, an animal rights activist convicted of trying to burn down a northern Utah furrier, sent a letter to Glasmann claiming that Clark encouraged him to fabricate an alibi and have a friend corroborate it.

Prosecutors want Clark disqualified from Austin's murder trial because they believe Austin could be easily swayed by Clark's "unethical demands" because of her age and vulnerable personality.

Austin faces a murder charge in the July 25, 1996, killing of a North Ogden man by her brother and a friend, both of whom are serving life prison terms for their participation.

The motion to disqualify Clark also says a vendetta toward Deputy County Attorney Gary Heward, who prosecuted all three of Clark's complaining clients, and Clark's desire for publicity have hurt his ability to serve his clients.

Clark was attending a seminar and visiting his parents in Las Vegas and was unavailable for comment. He has denied past al-le-ga-tions.

The Utah Bar Association is reviewing the letter from Poulson and is awaiting the outcome of an assault charge stemming from Clark's alleged attack on Higgins. It goes to trial June 16.

"One's a would-be firebomber and the other a serial rapist," Clark said recently of those two accusers. "You have to consider the source."

Once Clark files a response to the county attorney's motion, expected sometime next week, a hearing for oral arguments will to be scheduled before 2nd District Judge Pamela Heffernan.