Libya has agreed to let Germany question seven agents about a 1986 disco bombing that killed two U.S. servicemen and a Turkish woman, a magazine reported Saturday.

Der Spiegel newsweekly cited no sources for its brief report, which said representatives of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi had assured German authorities of Libya's "readiness with respect to solving the crime."German prosecutors have sought to implicate Libya in the April 5, 1986, attack on the Berlin disco, which also injured 230 people. Then-President Reagan also accused Gadhafi of ordering the bombing, and retaliated with deadly air strikes on two Libyan cities.

In a Berlin state court trial that opened in November, German prosecutors expected a key witness to testify against his four co-defendants and implicate the Libyan government in the plot.

But those plans were foiled in the trial's second week when the witness, a former employee of Libya's Embassy to then-East Germany, recanted an alleged con-fession and said the CIA was the real mastermind behind the bombing.

Germany's Justice Ministry plans to send at least two judges to Tripoli to question seven Libyan agents about the bombing, Spiegel said.

Six of them are suspected by German prosecutors of playing a role in the bombing, the Hamburg-based magazine said.

Officials from the Justice Ministry could not be reached Saturday to confirm the report because of the Easter holiday.